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The Premium Flamenco Website Award



In order to encourage the quality of worldwide Flamenco websites the German Flamenco Pages are organizing this website competition. The quality label „Premium Flamenco WebSite Award“ shows the confirmed quality work of the sites‘ webmasters and can be kept forever. 

You can suggest your website or any good website which you want to be selected by filling out the proposal form. Any website can be proposed which treats mostly with Flamenco topics. All submitted sites will be checked as soon as possible and may get the award if they can be recommended for contents and form. Awarded pages are allowed to expose the Premium Flamenco Website Award logo on any of their pages as a symbol of confirmed quality.

See the webmaster information page for the details how the award icon can be inserted in the pages.

Proposed Pages

Website Title Webmaster Award Date
Flamencoshow „Gota de Fuego“ Rüdiger Zietz
Colección de Cantes Flamencos Rafael Moreno  
Flamenco Guitar Home Page John Philip Dimick January 1, 2001
Andalucia Web [email protected] January 1, 2001
Flamenco Teacher [email protected] January 1, 2001
Flamenco en France [email protected] January 1, 2001
Australien Flamenco Server [email protected] January 1, 2001
Flamenco Web Josep Manuel Castel January 1, 2001
Triste y Azul webmaster@tristeyazul January 1, 2001
Norman’s Flamenco Guitar Transcriptions Norman Paul Kliman January 1, 2001
Oficina Flamenca do Brasil [email protected] January 1, 2001
A Palo Seco [email protected] January 1, 2001
Flamenco en Chile Carlos Ledermann January 1, 2001
DuendeLenguas Jose Antonio Guerrero January 1, 2001
Affedis Flamenco Transcriptions [email protected] January 1, 2001
Carmargue Flamenco Krishna Gans January 1, 2001
ExpoFoto Paco Sánchez January 1, 2001
FlamencoUSA John January 1, 2001
Flamenco Ring Damian Doyle December 31, 2000
Arte Flamenco Pedro Navarro December 31, 2000
Flamenco in Schorndorf Gerhard Graf-Martínez December 31, 2000
Tablao Quatro Grados December 31, 2000
La Peña Flamenca di Milano Silvia Antonini December 31, 2000
anda Flamenco Magazine Oliver Farke December 31, 2000
The Dutch Flamenco Pages David Bos December 31, 2000
Peña Flamenca de Copenhague Sandra December 31, 2000
Flamenco World Daniel Muñoz December 31, 2000
World Flamenco Pages John Arrasjid December 31, 2000
The Academy of Flamenco Guitar Charles Keyser Jr. December 31, 2000
Flamenco in the DC Area Miguel Pérez December 31, 2000
Pasión Flamenco Daniel Veuillet December 31, 2000
Sal’s Flamenco Soapbox Sal Bonavita December 31, 2000
Lands far Away Larry W. Berman December 31, 2000


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